Friday, October 14, 2016

Laundry Tips Everyone Should Know

By Rose Kreller of Medi-Waste Disposal 

Everyone knows someone in your life who just seems to know all the tricks and hints to make laundry and clothing care easier.  Lots of articles exist on stain removal, detergent selection etc.  Here are some tips that are just little nuggets of wisdom that will amaze you and impress your friends, maybe even your mom!

  •  Before wearing/washing a new garment, put a little clear nail polish on the front and back of the button where it is stitched.  Buttons will stay on longer when their threads are sealed.
  •  Zippers are less likely to stick if you rub them with the edge of a bar of soap.
  •  To remove a crease in a garment or hem, sponge the material wit distilled white vinegar and press with a warm iron.
  •  When laundering, add detergent to the washer first.  Pouring detergent on clothing can cause fabrics to fade.
  •  Avoid getting perfume, aftershave or hair spray on leather.  It may ruin the finish or color.
  •  Wash nylon clothing after every wearing.  Nylon is very hard to clean once it becomes heavily soiled.  Rinse off any oily stains immediately after they happen.
  •  Knit garments are best stored folded on a shelf or in a drawer.  Hanging knits can cause them to stretch out of shape.
  •  If adding bleach to wash, wait about 5 minutes into agitation.  This gives detergent time to remove soil then bleach can do the whitening.
  •  Turn clothes inside out before laundering to keep the right side looking its best.
  •  A yard of nylon net or some shower net scrubbing balls will act as a lint catcher in the dryer.  Just add with the wet clothes.
  •  Forgot to add fabric softener to the wash, and you’re out of dryer sheet??  Make your own dryer sheet by pouring a bit of fabric softener into a bowl of water.  Swish a washcloth in the solution.  Wring it out and toss in the dryer with wet clothes.
  •  If you don’t have a mesh laundry bag for washing delicates, place them in a pillowcase and fasten the loose end with a bag tie or shoelace.
  •  To speed up the ironing process, place a strip of heavy duty aluminum foil over the length of the ironing board.  Cover with ironing pad.  The heat will reflect through the underside of your garment and help you finish more quickly.
  •  To reduce wrinkles in clothing, thoroughly wet a hand towel with water.  Wring out excess water and toss in the dryer with wrinkled items.  Dry on high for about 5 minutes.  Removed clothes and hand to dry.
  •  Most everything can be washed in cold water, but use the hottest water possible for sheets, towels and underwear.  Take special care with undergarments, putting them in the dryer as soon as possible to stop bacteria growth while they sit camp in the washer. 

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