Friday, November 18, 2016

Tips to Selecting the Best Vegetables

By Rose Kreller of Medi-Waste Disposal 

Being able to choose the freshest and tastiest vegetables takes just a bit of knowledge.  Don’t hesitate to ask farmers and shop owners for advice and use your senses!  Here are some tips for choosing fresh produce:

Asparagus – Choose firm, smooth and brightly colored stalks with compact tips.  Avoid limp stalks.  Choose stalks of equal thickness to ensure even cooking times.

Avocados – Choose ones that feel slightly soft to the touch.  Firmer avocados may be ripened at home, but avoid rock hard ones.
Broccoli – Choose broccoli with firm stalks, tight florets and crisp green leaves.  Avoid yellowed or flowering florets.

Cabbages – choose firm compact heats that feel heavy for their size.  Check that the stems are also fresh and compact.

Cauliflower – Choose heads with tightly packed, creamy white florets.  Avoid yellow, spotted or flowering florets.

Corn – Choose corn with bright green husks and moist but not slimy silk.  Peel back the husk to ensure the kernels are plump and not dry.

Eggplants – Choose eggplants that have smooth, naturally shiny skin and feel heavy for their size.  When gently pressed, flesh that gives slightly and the bounces back indicates ripeness.  Unripe flesh will not give, while overripe flesh will remain indented.  Also, smaller eggplants tend to have fewer seeds and be less bitter.

Green Beans – Choose slender beans that snap rather than bend.  Avoid bulging or dried pods.

Kale – Choose crisp, deeply colored leaves.  Avoid yellowed leaves.  Smaller leaves tend to be more tender.

Onions and shallots – Choose dry, firm bulbs that feel heavy for their size.  Avoid any with soft spots or green sprouts.

Peppers – Choose firm, naturally shiny peppers that feel heavy for their size.

Potatoes – Choose firm, smooth potatoes.  Avoid bruises, green spots and sprouts.

Rhubarb – Choose firm pink or red stalks.  Green stalks tend to be stringy and sour.

Scallions – Choose scallions with crisp, green tops and firm white bulbs.

Summer Squash – Choose squash with naturally shiny, taught, unblemished skin.  Avoid squash that appear dull or have soft spots.

Tomatoes – Choose tomatoes what are fragrant, smell earthy at the stem end and feel heavy for their size.  Avoid wrinkled skins.

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