Friday, February 26, 2016

Tips for Beating Springtime Allergies

By Rose Kreller of Midwest Medical Waste, Inc.

Many folks suffer from springtime allergies. Symptoms of red and itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing and dry throat can be miserable. Allergies can start as early as February and last until summer; however, many people have year round symptoms.

Here are some ways to get relief:

Limit outdoor time. Pollen counts are high in the air during spring and trigger allergies.
  • Staying inside, especially on windy days and early morning hours, can help minimize symptoms.
  • Wearing a mask when mowing also can help.
  • You can bring pollen into your home on clothing, shoes and your body. Try to shower and change clothes after working in the yard. Remove shoes at the door to avoid bringing allergies into the home.

Allergy medications can help symptoms.
  • Everything from pills, nasal sprays and injections are available.
  • It may help to start taking allergy medication a week or two before the season starts to help ward off symptoms.
  • **Consult your physician on what is best for you.

Allergy proof your home. You can make a few changes in your home to minimize triggers.
  • Keep windows closed.
  • Vacuum using a HEPA filter.
  • Use a clothes dryer instead of line drying clothes outside.

Remember to stay hydrated.
  • Hydration can help your sinuses to remain clear, and wash out any allergens that may enter your body.

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