Friday, February 12, 2016

Tips for Winter Exercizing

by Rose Kreller of Midwest Medical Waste, Inc.

It is always more difficult to get outside exercise on those cold winter days. Exercise in the winter can help ease gloominess and depression and reduce the tension associated with anxiety. It also helps keep off those pesky winter pounds. Here are some tips for outside exercise in the wintertime.

Stay warm and dry; but not too warm. The quickest way to lose body heat is by getting wet. Our body gets wet through perspiration and outdoor precipitation (rain and snow). The proper fabrics in your exercise gear can help minimize moisture. Cotton is not the greatest for exercising. Choose polyester/nylon wicking fabrics. They wick moisture away 50% faster than cotton.

Remember to dress in layers. A wicking base layer, a fleece middle layer and an outer shell to protect from wind and/or rain. Remember that a water repellent shell breathes less and makes it harder for sweat to escape, which can lead to more moisture next to your skin, chilling the body. Similarly, dressing too warm will increase sweating, increasing the risk of chilling and possibly dehydration.

Tight clothing can also be beneficial, especially for the legs. Compression tights increase circulation which can help in performance and recovery of muscles. Protecting extremities such as fingers, toes and nose help promote circulation and prevent frostbite. Bright colors are always beneficial to make you more visible to drivers, especially on dark overcast days.

Cold air is very drying to the skin so be sure to moisturize with skin cream and lip balm. Don’t forget sunscreen either! And, as with any exercise program, be sure to warm up first, easing into your workout to prevent injury.

Some quick ways to burn 100 calories in 15 minutes in the winter include and of these activities:
  • Snow shoveling
  • Snow blowing
  • Ice skating
  • Chopping and stacking wood
  • And even sledding!

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  1. Good tips, especially like the quick ways to burn 100 calories.