Sunday, April 17, 2016

Cleaning Electronic Gadgets

by Rose Kreller of Medi-Waste Disposal

We don’t need a microscope to know that electronic gadgets get dirty. Dust, grease, and germs accumulate on our electronics. In one study, 92% of tested cell phones were contaminated with potentially harmful bacteria. Hair and crumbs also like to find ways into keyboards.

Most things needed to clean your gadgets are likely already in your home or readily available at the store. A simple cotton cloth, distilled water and alcohol can be quite useful. Here are some guidelines for cleaning gadgets without damaging them.

-Screens of TV or Computer:
  • Cleaning screens of the TV or computer should start with a dry wipe down. Avoid paper towels if possible.
  • For stubborn smudges, use a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and alcohol with a clean cotton cloth.
  • If using a spray bottle, spray the cloth, not the device.
  • Of note, some portable gadgets have special screen coatings that can be damaged by alcohol. If that is the case, use water.
  • Avoid moisture in the very edges, instead use a dry cotton swab on the edge.

-Keyboards, Mice, Remotes, Other Plastic/Metal Surfaces:
  • Use the same 50/50 mixture to wipe over keyboards, mice, remotes and other plastic/metal surfaces to quickly kill bacteria and cut dirt and grease.
  • Dust is one of the biggest enemies to electronics. It can accumulate and block charging connections on cell phones. It can also settle on power cords and into keyboards.
  • For hard to reach areas on the keyboard, use a can of compressed air.
  • For cameras, invest in a special lens cleaner to avoid damaging it.

  • If a spill happens on or near your gadgets, try to minimize damage.
  • Turn off or unplug the device.
  • Wipe as much of the spill to keep it from spreading.
  • If the spill seeps into the electronic, remove cover pieces and wipe the inside; but be aware of warranties from manufacturer.

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